10 Tips to Thrive (vs. survive) Thanksgiving

As great as family time is at Thanksgiving, we are still gathering a group of people with unique viewpoints into a smaller area for several days with less sleep, more alcohol and food, less [...]


Its purpose is to grow and shine, share, project and give its gifts back to the giver itself. Be like the flower.

Change Your Heart….Change Your Life!

You have the capacity to shift the disposition of your heart. You have control of selecting your moods and there is a simple tool to help you do that.

Get Inspired! Stay Inspired! Create Inspiration!

Go find your stilts, your floats, your launchpad - whatever that looks like - and make sure you create the time and space in your life to fill you up with that inspiration that makes you walk [...]

Lynne Twist on Gratitude & Gratefullness

Lynne doesn't mention this in this video but I just found out that practicing gratitude activates the production of serotonin in our bodies which is the chemical that improves our moods - makes [...]