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.6 CEU

NEW  .3   The Courage to Lead Interior Design into a New Era 

.2   The Art of Difficult Conversations

.1   Designing for Business Growth

All CEUs approved by IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA


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.5 CEU

.3 CEU:  The Courage to Lead Interior Design into a New Era

.2 CEU:  The Art of Difficult Conversations

All CEUs approved by IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA

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.4 CEU

.3 CEU:  The Courage to Lead Interior Design into a New Era

.1 CEU:  Designing for Business Growth

All CEUs approved by IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA


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NEW   .3 CEU

The Courage to Lead Interior Design into a New Era

Experiential learning packed with actionable tools to make your business leading edge with ease.  Unique features include: 1) live interview with interior designer, 2) case studies of business partnerships, 3) examples of marketing ideas and videos.

CC# 104220-1000; Approved CEU: IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA



.2 CEU

The Art of Difficult Conversations

A powerful interactive session with proven tools and a demonstration to discover verbiage that defuses conflict.   Understand non-verbal communications and gain clarity on unintentional behaviors that “turn off” high end clients.


CC#102986-1000; Approved CEU: IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA

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.1 CEU

Designing for Business Growth


At no other time in history have clients had such high expectations as to how their money is spent and their dreams implemented.   Learn a business approach that sets you apart from other designers and instills confidence and action, turning prospects into clients. 

CC#102227-1000; Approved CEU: IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA


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Houston Design Center | Thursday Aug 25 | 9:30 am CT 

.2 CEU | Click HERE to register


The Courage to Lead Interior Design into a New Era

Starbucks did it.  Apple did it.  Zappos did it too; took a common everyday product, turned it upside down, looked with fresh eyes, and then launched a new product that was an experience, a statement, a way of life.  These leaders created the insight, tools and courage to take common products and change the face of the world.  Interior design is primed and ready for the same transformation.  Do you have the courage to lead this revolution?   I challenge you!

Together, we will embark on a journey; an experience that will inspire you, fire you up, open your eyes and hearts, and equip you with the right tools to confidently shift the interior design paradigm in yourself and in others.  We will have fun, interact and blossom a new paradigm that aligns you with the resources to return to your work with a blueprint to solve the practicalities of your business step by step leading your business, and the industry, into a new era.

(.3 CEUs; CC#104220;  IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA).


YOU, THE BRAND.  MAKING YOU THE OBVIOUS CHOICE:  Tips, Tools, and Techniques to Find Your Unique Brand

You are constantly juggling the complexities of running your business.  Balancing client work, adding profitable projects and managing day-to-day activities are the three major plates you are spinning simultaneously.

Branding is the unique personality of your business expressing all its characteristics; values, attributes, and beliefs.  It is the expression of the essential truth of an organization; product or service.  The number one reason clients’ choose you is based on “shared values,” therefore, branding is the quintessential activity that will distinguish your company above the pack.

How do you find your brand, communicate one central message to your multi-level customer base and continue spinning all those plates?  Take an interactive journey with Angela as she shares the branding process alongside illustrations from design professionals as you learn;

  1. How branding can work for you.
  2. The impact of being in an “experience economy.
  3. Three steps to begin creating your brand (making choosing YOU easiest!).
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Mastering difficult conversations is an art that can be achieved by anyone with the right tools.   High-end clients ‘choose’ professionals who make life easier; especially in handling adversarial conversations. Research confirms there is a direct correlation between your ability to handle difficult situations with confidence and ease to the type of clients (and projects) you attract.  This is a powerful interactive session packed with proven tools and a demonstration.  You will discover:

  • A deeper understanding of the impact of non-verbal communication.
  • Unintentional behaviors that “turn off” high-end clients.
  • Verbiage that defuses conflict for any type of conversation; angry clients, dispute of charges, non-payment, vendor disagreements.
  • Three strategies that strengthen relationships (and attract high-end clients).
  • (.2 CEUs; CC#102986;  IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA)


The most powerful business (and life) tool for creative entrepreneurs is to be in constant discovery with creatively expressing your one-of-a-kind perspective.  That expression serves as a beacon of communication and is picked up by people who have been seeking what you were born to give.  The challenge, creative entrepreneurs also have a business to run and developing a balance between the two priorities becomes a lifelong battle.

This highly interactive inspirational discussion will shift the way you think about your work and rejuvenate your soul.  This one hour will dive into a perspective that will inspire a new approach to your work making your business and your life easier and more fulfilling.  I will help you keep your creative fires burning and your business success blazing.

(.1 CEU;  CC#:  105453; IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA)



You already know how challenging marketing is in this world now steeped in so many choices it makes our head spin.  I find that attracting clients is far easier, and more enjoyable, than “marketing” or “selling” to them.

The fact is that you already have a “tribe” of your best clients – the ones you’d like another dozen of.  The key to attracting more comes through understanding the overlap between the personal interests of your clients and you.  Yes, you heard me – their personal interests and yours because it is in translating that essential information that you find the sweet spot of shared passions.  When we communicate from a place of passion it is received as an overflow of joy versus a forced “marketing message”.  From there, it is easy to create visual messages and business propositions that attract what they already seek and that is how our clients choose us.

Knowing this and doing it are two very different things.  In this “workshop style” presentation you will take a journey and uncover that most important intersection of interests that you share with your top 10 clients.   With ease and a splash of fun, you will generate multiple marketing concepts to attract more of those perfect clients by learning a simple 5 step process that you can rely on over time.  Finally, you will walk away with relief knowing an abundant wealth of essential information about your top clients as well as a load of exciting, creative, targeted, and affordable marketing activities unique only to them.

No more guessing.  No more wasting your precious time and money doing what you’re not so amazing at so you can keep doing what you are amazing at!

(.1 CEU;  CC #:  105034; IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA)

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