Package 2: Twenty Hours of Coaching


You’ve been putting off your big aspirations, dreams, and goals and you are ready to dive in and make it happen.  This gives you hands-on input and partnership to help you build your business, develop new products and services or get exactly the kind of client you’ve always wanted in a constant, steady flow.  Twenty hours of coaching gives you consistent support to get you through times feeling overwhelmed or just help you prioritize and get organized.  You might have some big decisions to make and having a partner to hold your highest Self first to think through options leaves you feeling empowered, renewed and realigned.   We work at your pace. Serious progress can be made resulting in clarifying your goals, creating a plan and implementing next steps.

What you get:

  • Five question pre-coaching questionnaire to help you get started
  • Twenty hours coaching calls via phone or video conferencing
  • Coach written insights and notes or an audio recording following each call
  • Email check-ins in between appointments