Package 3: Forty Hours of Coaching


The beauty of ongoing coaching is that you can work on short and long term goals.  Build tasks for the moment and action plans for next month, quarter and year.  You have a thinking partner to help you figure things out faster with greater ease.  You can get coaching in the moment on situations with difficult clients, employees, contractors or anything that drives you nuts so that you can resolve issues and continue on with priorities in your business.  Designers like an ongoing coaching partnership so they have scheduled time to think about bigger things.  To plan and play in the growth of their business.  Scheduled time to dream and stay excited.  The biggest issue I hear from entrepreneurs is they get so focused on the day to day that they loose site (and the fun) of dreaming, planning and achieving big things!

What you get:

  • Five question pre-coaching questionnaire to help you get started
  • Forty hours coaching calls via phone or video conferencing (in any increments)
  • Coach written insights and notes or an audio recording following each call
  • Email check-ins in between appointments