Elevate the value of your interior design services as seen by prospective and current clients. Angela shares the red flags to listen for and provides specific verbiage to re-educate clients early on. (.1 CEU: IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA)


If’ you’ve experienced how the internet has “dumbed down” the clients’ value of interior design services, you will learn exact verbiage to elevate the value of your design services for all types of clients. You will also learn how to quickly detect clients who will never value interior design and explore methods to gracefully decline projects that do not align with your value proposition.

Interior designers who take their businesses to new heights know exactly how to generate a healthy respect of their design services from existing clients and prospective clients.

If you need education credit, follow the instructions to take an online quiz after watching this video.  When 8 of the 10 questions are correct, your credit will be recorded directly to your IDCEC account and we will notify you.

  • Turn around the “dumbing down” of the value of interior design services caused by the internet
  • Regain respect and admiration from clients for the craft of interior design services
  • Video content includes recording Angela at live events and in studio.
  • Start and pause if you get interrupted.  Return and start where you left off.
  • Access videos from any computer, phone, laptop, tablet.