Learn lifelong methods to restore your work/life balance. This highly interactive, inspirational discussion gives you tools to nurture and cultivate your creative talents while running a business. (.1 CEU: IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA)


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The key to building a thriving interior design business is managing the balance between staying creative and running the day to day parts of your business.  In this one hour course, you will learn techniques to delegate energy draining business functions and explore practices to manage your work/life balance. You will understand the importance of the relationship between constant creative exploration, knowledge of design elements and the success of your client aspirations. Nurturing your creativity is as essential as running the day to day of your business because your business is only as good as your creativity.  If you need education credit, take the on-line quiz followed by the video. Pass 8 of 10 questions and your CE credit will automatically be recorded to your IDCEC account.  You will receive an email notification.

  • Video content includes recording Angela at live events and in studio.
  • Start and pause if you get interrupted.  Return the next day and start where you left off.