Enhance clients’ well-being with leading edge products and technologies. This advanced-level course goes beyond universal design to support eight areas proven to promote longer, healthier lives. (.2 CEU & HSW: IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA)


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Interior designers and architects have a huge influence on the longevity of people’s lives. Today, Americans spend 93% of their time indoors – more than any time in history. We know that 80% of longevity is dictated by lifestyle and environment.

This advanced level CEU is uniquely presented because it leads with the question; how can this space be designed to extend life, promote health, happiness, prevent disease and even heal existing illnesses – for people of all ages. This conversation goes way beyond “Universal Design”. It approaches design with emphasis on stimulating and supporting restoration by focusing on 8 areas that science has proven that promote longer healthier lives. Restoration, prevention, motivation and elimination of illness is a lot to ask of our spaces, but it can be done.

If you need education credit, follow the guides to take an online quiz after watching the video.  Once you get 8 of 10 questions correct, we will record your credit directly to your IDCEC account and notify you.

  • Video content includes recording Angela at live events and in studio.
  • Start and pause if you get interrupted.  Return and start where you left off.
  • Access videos from any computer, phone, laptop, tablet.
  • Accreditation with .2 HSW:  IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA