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  • Accredited CEUs:   IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA
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“Designing for Longevity, Health & Happiness”  (.2 CEUs & .2 HSW credit)

“The Courage to Lead Interior Design Into a New Era” (.3 CEUs)

“Play Your Genius Out” (.1 CEUs)

Accreditation:  IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA


.2 CEU & .2 HSW credit   “Designing for Longevity, Health & Happiness” 

This advanced level captivating CEU leads with the question; how can this space be designed to extend life, promote health, happiness, prevent disease and even heal existing illnesses – for people of all ages.  Learn how to design residential or commercial spaces that significantly extend life and the quality of living.  You will learn technologies and products that improve health and damage the human body.


.3  “Lead Interior Design Into a New Era”

Starbucks took a common product – a cup of coffee – and turned it upside down looking at it with fresh eyes.  They launched a new product that was an experience, a continuous journey, a place of community.  Interior design is primed and ready for the same transformation to take it into a continuous experience, a journey and a life transformation.  Do you have the courage to lead this revolution?  Embark on an interactive learning experience that will inspire you, fire you up, open your eyes and equip you with the right tools to confidently shift the interior design paradigm for your own business and with your clients.


.1 “Play Your Genius Out”

How do you take your creativity to the next level AND run a business smoothly?  Learn the direct correlation between nurturing your creativity and “upleveling” your projects, clients and overall business.  This course gives you tools to carve out time to continually spark your creative juices and simultaneously manage the day to day of your business operations.


Accreditation:  IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA

After watching the video course you are guided to take an online quiz.  Once you get 8 of 10 questions correct, we will record your credit directly to your IDCEC account and notify you.