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Carrier of Life Force and Life Purpose

So many days I wake up and my heart is pulsing, burning just like this image; beating in the direction to help others move about in this world from their deep inner longing. Everyone has in their heart a longing, passion, drive to be that “something” fully.  It’s a natural instinct that the heart pulses with and each pulse sends through our soul a reminder of how close or far we are from it.  It acts as our direct line to Pure Source.  Your heart is the tool to express that union of you and Pure Source.  It is not just beating to circulate blood.  See it as the carrier of life via Pure Source both physically and as the deliverer of the specific purpose of your life. Enter “our mind” that overrides that “beating pulse of longing” with logic, reason, rules, shoulds, standards, comparisons, research….blah, blah, blah.


It seems to win more times than not.  It chips away at that inner longing little by little because we give more “value” to the minds reasoning than the hearts “knowing”.  The battle is constant, draining, confusing.  The heart knows your deepest truth, purpose, longings.  The the mind is the tool to keep you safe.  It was never meant to take over the hearts job.  We read all the books that say “follow your heart….” But where are the books that tell you how to do that.  How to shut up the mind filled with doubt, mistrust, words of our parents and naysayers long enough to let one little morsel of that precious longing to rise up and see the light!

In this tiny little note to you I can say this. Look inside, find your courage collect it up for that moment when the heart say’s it’s time to come out.  Make a path for that one longing of yours to hit the surface of the light, protecting its journey all the way, keeping it nurtured and warm focusing on its growth and putting up the hand to anything that threatens it.  This is when you will be given the strength to blossom.  Your deepest truth is just waiting for you to be courageous enough to stand with it and for it.  Let’s face it, we are put on this earth to realize our truest self and do the work we came here to do.  Nobody can do this for you.  This is the one thing you MUST do for yourself.  When you feel your heart burning with your truth, pay attention and begin to make a path for it to reach the light.  You are already practicing “following your heart” in little ways – selecting the kind of car you want, what kind of food you need in that moment, the relationships that reflects who you are and what you want.  It’s really a matter of using that skill for your deepest purest desires and truths and hold THAT the most valuable.  Go get em!!!!


Have you ever gotten a new piece of information that literally changed the way you saw everything? Like going from 2D to 3D and the new perspective profoundly enriched the depth of your experience and understanding? This is one of those moments.

You have the capacity to shift the disposition of your heart. You have control of selecting your moods and there is a simple tool to help you do that.


Whether you fill up your heart with love or anger your heart activates two major things; first, it radiates an energetic field now measured by scientists out 16 feet communicating the mood you are in and second, it sends signals to your brain to “serve up” communications to your mouth and body that reflect your hearts’ current disposition. Simply said, when yourheart is angry, resentful, or frustrated your heart beams out that message blasting the other person and well, we all know the result of that. On the flipside, love, kindness and compassion blast an energetic message of openness, partnership, and connection and the heart generates signals to the brain to serve up options that support that disposition. The life changing information is that it is about the feeling in your heart, not necessarily how you feel about that person. Ah, the key. Generate the feeling and the entire world changes!!!! Of course the ultimate step is to feel compassion for that person but this puts you well on your way!

One day my boss and I were having a heated argument ending in stalemate. If I returned to the discussion angry then all these tiny communication pods would blast his field and well, how could I expect anything different! Seconds before entering his office for another round, I shifted my heart filling it up with compassion and kindness. I couldn’t quite muster up feeling compassionate and kind about him but I could generate the feeling in my heart using other memories. In a millisecond, everything shifted and a completely different conversation unfolded and resulted with an amenable solution. Surprisingly I ended up having compassion and kindness for him. It was so miraculous, and the results so much richer, that I vowed to continue this practice until my last breath.

Why not put this knowledge to good use? Shift your consciousness to respond from the heart versus the head. Don’t wait for an experience to shape your mood (especially with the kind we don’t want), seize the moment and DECIDE to fill up your heart with love and let it flow with joy. We already know how to shift our heart disposition (despite the outward circumstances) and we usually do it many times a day. CHOOSE to do it consciously, purposefully, and more often. Like this. Sit back, close your eyes (well, in a minute after the instructions), and think about one of the most happy moments in your life….getting married, holding your baby for the first time, walking in the majesty of the earth, laughing at the funniest thing you’ve ever heard. OK, now take your consciousness to your heart. Notice it. Feel it. What is happening to it? Warm? Big? Relaxed? Beaming? Free? How did it change from the moment earlier? See, you did it just like that. It only took you seconds and all you had to do was recall something that shifted your mood.

These dispositions will SIGNIFICANTLY ENHANCE THE OUTCOME FOR ALL. It’s far different from only accessing the brain. The intelligence of the heart is not linear. It is holographic, meaning that at any point of the heart’s energy field, all knowledge of the whole is present. Unlike the brain, the heart gives us universal characteristic instead of individual characteristic. When you approach the difficult client; the boss or co-worker that you don’t like; the spouse that you are having an argument with; options are made available that would not have surfaced if your heart was angry. Isn’t that what you want anyway? You aren’t giving anything up. You both win.

So, take the first step and practice, practice, practice. Decide how you want to BE, FEEL, and WALK in this world despite external circumstances. It’s easy to do it with people we like. It’s not so easy to do it with those “difficult people” but, WOW it is sooooo worth it!! It will launch you into new levels of communication, connection, success and fulfillment in every area of your life.

Happy beaming!!!!
Share how effective it was for you. Tell me your story.


I just returned from a workshop with global activist and truth whisperer Lynne Twist.  I’m so humbled at the level of grace, commitment and pure light that Lynne shines everywhere she goes.   It has renewed my commitment to continuously and courageously “shine light” from the most authentic soulful place in my heart.  Ten years ago I attended “The Soul of Money” workshop that infused my very being with the courage and inspiration to joyfully and fearlessly create my own work on my terms.  Returning to be with her again lifted me to a new level on my own journey that is pouring from my soul.

We all need help along the way.  Go find your stilts, your floats, your launchpad whatever that looks like and make sure you create the time and space in your life to fill you up with that inspiration that makes you walk taller and share your sacred heart with everyone you touch.


One of my coaching clients today said, “I was so inspired by the fact that I could climb up a mountain at my age with a full pack and hunt like I was young.”  She said, “I used to put myself down that I wasn’t the dainty one but today I’m grateful for having this healthy build.   This trip inspired me and made me grateful God gave me this build to do the things I love.”

It was so difficult for her to carve out this time of completely “disconnecting” as a sole business owner.  When she returned from her journey in nature, she was so inspired she began writing a new idea for her business that will not only transform her business but the very nature of her industry.

Take the time.  Schedule it.  Understand that it is an essential element of your work and life.  Get inspired.  Stay inspired.   Create Inspiration!


If there is one thing I’ve learned in life it’s that we must find and live our own unique “one-of-a-kind” life. Not our parents, best friend, sibling or even someone we admire. Nope!  It’s a path uniquely designed for us.  As much as we’d like someone to tell us “Do it this way” it just doesn’t work that way. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could ask experts and get the right answer for us?  Life; it’s the one thing we must figure out for ourselves.

How does finding your unique path relate to work? Family? Finances? Health? Fun? IT IS WHAT MAKES UP YOUR LIFE!  It is the gazillion choices we make every millisecond that builds our life!  Can you recall those moments when your choices felt right and didn’t feel like your path. What happened?  You knew the difference because things didn’t feel right.  You had to force to get things the way you wanted them.  It was difficult to the point you thought “what is going on here”. This illustration says it all!


There is a split second in time that we have to choose a decision – the fork in the road. We get to choose; scenic path or psychopath!  Sometimes we know we are choosing the psychopath and yet we still do it!!!  I can remember hundreds of decisions that either felt like my path or a detour; some big decisions and others really small.  In my 20′s, I turned down a lucrative job offer with a Fortune 50 company without another offer on the table because it didn’t quite feel right (try explaining that to family and friends). I didn’t know why.  Everything on paper looked amazing but my heart said “no”.  Many thought I was crazy but I held true to my heart.  Years later I understood that if I had taken that offer then I wouldn’t have met my amazing husband.

One of my coaching clients was describing specific ways she wanted to change her approach to a potential client.  She was really excited, scared and a bit nervous but she really felt great about what she put together for her potential client.  They loved it and took the entire presented package at $80,000!  No more “psychopath”.  We have to struggle between the heart speaking and the intellect to make all kinds of choices.  It’s tricky especially when there is financial or emotional pressures!!!

Then somehow by a huge miracle, we choose the scenic path.  We stumble onto our path and it’s like getting in a boat and allowing the current to pull us without “hardship”.  You know what I’m talking about. It’s tangible, we feel this shift and things happen with ease. No worry, no stress, and there is joy!  Things easily click into sync and it feels so right that all the prior struggles to conform to other people’s path just became so worth it and we vow to never doubt again.  Some people call it the flow, harmonic path, in sync, in the zone, one with the universe.  Whatever you want to call it, we all experience it AND yet each path is so completely different.  The question is how do we do it more!!!  How do we find our path and reduce the number of trips to the psychopath?  Here are a few tips that really work.

1.  Slow down and listen to your voice.

In order to connect with your inner self, you must slow down.  It takes time, concentration and focus.

2.  Ask yourself “What do I want?  What is the right action for me?”

When you eliminate the word “should” – what should I do – and insert the word “what is the best thing for me/what do I want to do”, then you get an answer that is based solely on you and not the entire universe that encompasses the “should” word.

3.  Recognize your system of “Yes” and “No”.

When something really feels right, take note of how your body feels.  Where are you getting the “yes” answer from?  Your gut?  Your heart?  Goose bumps?  Everyone has their own system and it’s invaluable to find your own.  It is your natural built in system of making decisions.

4.  Strengthen your system of “Yes” and “No”.

Once you recognize it, use it, practice using it for everything – what your body needs to eat, friends, accepting or declining a job, new client, flights – practice using it.  Build it up so that you can use it as your most accurate tool to making choices in the moment thus building your own path.

5.+Stop apologizing or “explaining away” your choices.

Learn how to say CONFIDENTLY “It’s the right thing for me”.  Yep.  See, you can do it!

The great thing about finding your unique path is that when you do, there is an indescribable joy; your heart expands, you are more loving, generous, kind, patient, thoughtful, creative……and when that happens it is a gift for all mankind!!!!


This image makes me weep. It is you, it is me. Its purpose is to grow and shine, share, project and give its gifts back to the giver itself. The sun, the rain, the bees are its coaches, superheroes and partners. It is single minded in its message yet open to all input. It takes only what it needs; no more, no less and does not waiver by the daisies nearby who look nearly identical.   When it is stepped on, it is flexible, buoyant and does not hesitate to return back to its unique path. When its mission is complete she returns to her beginnings and becomes fertile ground supporting future beaming friends.

I want to be the daisy, the bee, the sunshine, the rain, the soil, the grass intuitively knowing exactly the role I can play to support each person to share their gifts and live their path.


We must let go of the old in order to make room for the new; it is the empty space that we stand in to make a transition from old to new.   The very release of the “old” activates the energy of the “new” to begin assembling itself, delivering it to us preparing our system to be ready to accept it.  In the most simplistic example when you eat food there is only so much your body can absorb before considering more. It is the same with changing anything in our lives from an old way to a new way; our opinions, careers, homes or even changing the way we want to be.  We must let go and make empty space for it first.


The key to any change is keeping faith in that empty space.  Who embraces ALL change– even when it is for good?  It rocks our world.   Society doesn’t stand for “emptiness” but thrives and pushes to be in this state of “over fullness”.  Be on guard, be a fighter for your cause and hold your position of emptiness.

Practice faith that your true hearts’ desire has been heard and trust that “your request” is being assembled. Faith, combined with patience, gratitude and detachment yields shocking results, in fact, the stronger the faith the more amazing the fulfillment; beyond human comprehension. Discouragement, doubt and impatience are like man made hindrances derailing the fulfillment of your request. Doubt, discouragement or complaint significantly delays the assembling of your “new”. I liken it to falling trees, electricity outages or tsunamis to the truck delivering products to its rightful owners. The scientific explanation is that discouragement holds an energetic vibration in our mind and body that blocks higher energetic vibrations like hope, excitement, and faith. The energetic vibrations of faith, trust and gratitude literally send out messages “I’m creating the space to accept the new”. This understanding has helped me significantly when impatience and doubt (my personal favorites) try to force their imposition!

Stay focused on “seeing” your “new”. When you are standing on a mountain with a pair of binoculars, you are partly excited to see something like a bear with her cubs but you also have this disposition of openness, anticipation and awe about an unexpected treasure you might witness. It is this approach and disposition that you want to hold sacred as you stay hyper focused in this empty space and be ready to experience the surprises that are coming your way. It will not make sense if you take each “new little” piece on its own so just let that reasoning go too. If you were able to see your entire “new” picture in this moment then it would be handed to you that way but you’re not there yet!  Be in awe of the little pieces and be ready to view your entire “new” when the dots become connected.

Remember that these“new little pieces” will come in ways you never considered nor expected. That is why this disposition of “openness and staying focused to see the new” is so important because how we look at things defines what things we will be able to see!  There was this young boy sitting at the feet of his mother who was embroidering a nature scene. The boy’s entire perspective was based on the view from one foot on the floor looking up. He said with certainty and conviction, “Mom that is the ugliest mess of colors I’ve ever seen. Why are you spending so much time working on that thing?” She patiently and gently, with deep kindness, dropped the embroidery down to his level and showed him the other perspective. We are all sitting on the floor with a one foot view on one perspective; it requires a new approach and level of perception to seeing your “new”.

Finally, take action on the little “new” things that come your way to build your bigger “new”. How do you know it is a new little thing that you are supposed to “pick up” and focus on? How do you know the difference between just another “shiny topic” that distracts you or the “right” shiny thing that you are to explore? This moment is one of the trickiest parts of the process.

The best (and most difficult) options are the little nudges to do something that seems completely unrelated toward our new state. The “new little thing” is generally the opposite of what you thought, usually uncomfortable and typically against the mindset of your family (and society) BUT the key is that the “new little thing” holds a special place in your heart that says YES, YES, YES! That is what you act on – ACT ON WHAT YOUR HEART SAYS, not your mind. WHY? Your heart is the only one who knows the exact path to achieving that “new” change (and it isn’t what the mind thinks).

So you are in that empty space, focused on seeing the new little pieces and you expect it to be some big thing but all you really want to do is take a nap at 3pm in the afternoon. Or you are expected to help solve some MASSIVE work problem and the only thing that comes to mind is that you want to clean out that cupboard in the garage! Normally you would put life on hold, jam hard and get it solved but you decided that your “new” is living life with more balance, less panic…. Are you ready for the answer? DO IT. Take a nap, clean the cupboard. Do them all if it is what your heart shouts “YES”. WHY? Because there is a critical “something” in that activity that you need in order to solve that problem or take the next step or get to your “new”.

Research tells us that whatever your heart is pulling you toward is telling you the answer and it is in that activity which holds a key aspect to the grander “new”. The heart  serves us the answer but our minds get in the way by suggesting there must be a direct and obvious connection or that the heart doesn’t know best. You know what I’m talking about because you’ve experienced it but you fight it and allow your old “logical” thought process and mental self-talk to talk you out of it.  Remember, your “new” depends on your ability to hear, accept and act on the direction of your heart. Using your heart as the deciding vote of what “new” little thing you are going to act upon is required as part of the prescription to fulfill your “request” of your big “new”.

So, whatever is your “new” – a new way of working, a new way of living, new job, new mental state – first let the old go; stay in the empty place with conviction, faith and hope; focus on seeing the new with the disposition of witnessing a miracle being served to you in little pieces and use your heart to decide the best course of action. Take your right action (regardless of what others say) and your complete “new” will be shown to you just like the moment when the mother lowered her embroidery to her son and much to his astonishment the new vantage point revealed sheer beauty.

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