Speak Your Dreams

Define Your Goals

Create Your Action Plan

You would be interested in this visioning session if you want to….

    • Capture ideas, dreams, and visions that have been rolling around in your head alluding an action plan.
    • Increase your focus – because you’ve organized your dreams into priorities, goals and actions.
    • Make a plan that integrates your dreams of the future into where you are today in a balanced way that moves your business forward while taking care of the day-to-day activities.
    • Take control of your business (and your life) by reducing chaos and uncertainty while bringing more long-term prosperity into your career.
    • Improve your mental and emotional state because your vision is now a plan with everything that is important to you.
    • Finally take action on things you’ve always wanted to do (and delegate things you hate doing).
    • Wake up invigorated with clarity and more time because you know what the day, week, month and year holds.
    • Bring cohesiveness to your team because they understand their part in the larger vision for the studio.
    • Say “goodbye” to feeling stuck and overwhelmed.
    • Get your business organized and take it to a new level.
    • Have more time in your day and joy in your life.

You’ll spend 4 hours on two calls with Angela as she facilitates a way to speak those dreams you’ve always wanted and learn a creative, business savvy method to capture them, write goals and generate practical action steps.   Together, you will decide the level of priorities to your most important goals and generate multiple, inspiring pathways to achieve them.

For a second call, you will create an outline of your vision for the year to help guide your time management and daily tasks making waking up every day a lot easier since you have an outline to keep you focused.

After purchasing your session, you will receive a confirmation email with appointment dates to choose from that fit your schedule.

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I felt such a load lifted from my shoulders!!!  It helped me creativity and mentally too.

Lisa S., Interior Designer, Kansas City, MO

OMG…. I have next weeks tasks clear AND every quarter in 2022!

Kathy D., Interior Designer, Houston, TX

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