February 15

“Time Fly’s: Steps to Find More Time & Take Control of Your Business (and Life)!”  (0.1 CEU)

Daltile Design Studio 212 Utah St.,

San Francisco, CA


5:30 – 8:30 pm

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Do you feel like the ball in a pinball machine racing downward bumping from one task to another at the whim of an email, phone call or text? Do you start your day with a “To Do” list but when you get into the office it all goes out the window? It’s true we cannot expand 24 hours to a day, however, it is also true that by taking control of “Time Stealers” we can find more time! Time is currency. Join us to learn several practices that increase time and reduce stress. At the conclusion of this CEU, participants will be able to;

Learning Objectives:

  1. Effectively handle situations, and people, I call “interruption-ists”.
  2. Gain time through responding to emails, phone calls and texts in a different manner.
  3. Take control of “shiny object” syndrome.
  4. Find more time via managing perfectionism as an asset versus a liability.
  5. Increase profits through improved management of time and energy.

This was the most informative CEU that I’ve experienced in a very long time!

Chris Moore, Interior Designer, Santa Barbara, CA


“Designing for Longevity, Health & Happiness”  (.2 CEU/HSW)

Houston Design Center

10:00 am – noon & 6:00 – 8:00 pm

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Imagine residential and commercial spaces designed explicitly toward living longer happier lives.

Interior designers and architects have a huge influence on the longevity of people’s lives – for all ages.   Today, Americans spend 93% of their time indoors – more than any time in history.  We know that 80% of longevity is dictated by lifestyle and environment.

This advanced level CEU is uniquely presented because it leads with the question; how can this space be designed to extend life, promote health, happiness, prevent disease and even heal existing illnesses – for people of all ages.   This conversation goes way beyond “Universal Design”.  It approaches design with emphasis on stimulating and supporting restoration by focusing on 8 areas that science has proven that promote longer healthier lives.   Restoration, prevention, motivation and elimination of illness is a lot to ask of our spaces, but it can be done.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Design spaces that significantly extend life and the quality of living for the safety and welfare of the public.
  2. Grasp the 8 areas that science credits the greatest regenerative affects to the human body.
  3. Isolate technologies that damage the human body and shorten life span.

I was in prayer this morning thinking how much I was inspired by your talk…. after 37 years there is ALWAYS SOMETHING TO LEARN!

Theresa W., Interior Designer, Houston, TX


“Play Your Genius Out”  (.1 CEU)

NKBA NorCal Chapter

Riggs Distributing, Burlingame, CA 6:00 – 8:00 pm  

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Playing your genius out is about nurturing, cultivating and expanding your greatest brilliance and using that as an advanced tool in every situation in your business.   Taking creativity to the next level works like an invitation to join you by people who have been seeking what you were born to give.  The challenge is that creative entrepreneurs also have a business to run and developing a balance between the two priorities becomes a lifelong battle.

This highly interactive inspirational discussion gives you the tools to constantly nurture and cultivate your brilliance through your client work.   We cover areas that hold you back and tips to get back on track.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the importance of the relationship between constant creative exploration, knowledge of design elements and the success of your client aspirations.
  2. Acquire techniques to delegate energy draining business functions.
  3. Experience a shift in thinking about how to run your business.

You talked about designers being magical today.  Well my take away was you have the magic in your field of expertise!  You were very inspiring with style and message.

Karen D., Interior Designer, Scottsdale, AZ


WORKSHOP| TBD | Dallas, TX| 3 – 5:30 pm



How many times have you kicked yourself for giving too much away?  It might have been “stuff” but perhaps even more detrimental it was your time, your creative knowledge or your energy.   So many people flit away their power by inadvertently giving it away to interruptions, saying “Yes” when the spirit wants to say “No”, and giving more instead of just the right amount.   You can feel how those choices dull your spirit and chip away at your passion and enthusiasm over time.  Claiming your power and awakening your spirit go hand-in-hand.    Likewise, the spirit cannot be awakened to achieve it’s greatest creative brilliance unless it is claimed!

Please join Angela for this life-changing workshop as she guides you through a process of claiming this limitless power of yours so you can:

  • Re-ignite your love of your work and your life in a completely new way.
  • Establish new habits and utilize new tools to build on claiming your power and awakening your spirit long after this workshop.
  • Open your heart and calm your mind so you connect with the boundless power of your spirit.
  • Embrace and celebrate your innate abilities to create anything you could possibly imagine.
  • Make choices, solve practical issues from your own set of rules- large or small.
  • Have the courage to “be” – to exist fully in your greatness.

You are limitless.  Powerful beyond comprehension.   Only you can claim this power.  Regardless of where you are in your process of awakening your spirit, with the help of this workshop you will shift to your next level and avail yourself with tools to use every day for any situation to live your limitless existence.




Jump on it.  Space is limited to 12 people

This workshop changed my life both professionally and in my relationships with my family.  I can honestly say that I approach life much differently now thanks to you.

Debbie W., St. Louis, MO


Part Coaching/Part Webinar:  

“Learn How to Get Clear on What You Want”

Wednesday TBD | 7:30 am PT |  $20

Events Coachinars Webinars

In this POWER HOUR, Angela guides participants through three steps to gain clarity and accelerate success.  She shares how “self-imposed judgment” seeps into our minds and ways to suspend it long enough to explore possibilities.  Interior designers already hold an extraordinary skill of helping clients explore, discover and express their vision.  In this class, Angela helps participants translate that skill into a tool for achieving dreams for themselves. Finally, she shares how the act of celebrating accelerates achievement.  This one-hour webinar is part teaching and part coaching so bring a situation or dream you want to work on.

(You will receive an email with “call in” information following purchase).



I felt such a load lifted from my shoulders!!!  It really did help my creativity and mental state too.

Lisa S., Interior Designer, Kansas City, MO


Part Coaching/Part Webinar:  

“Mastering Prioritization:  Methods to Take Control”

TBD |  $20


Our proficiency in prioritizing tasks is probably one of the biggest issues we face.  If we are skilled, it gives us more time but when we are not it eats up our time and we feel like we just can’t keep up.    Angela shares her list of “opportunities” to “uplevel” your skill so that you feel energized by having a system of prioritization that works the way you work.   You will learn;

“Time generating” tips to improve prioritizing your work.

A process to evaluate if/how the priority has changed.

How to use intuition – your most powerful tool.

Which poor habits that eat up your time.

(You will receive an email with “call in” information following purchase).



I felt such a load lifted from my shoulders!!!  It really did help my creativity and mental state too.

Lisa S., Interior Designer, Kansas City, MO


“What is Draining Your Energy & How to Protect Your Most Valuable Resource”

TBD|  $20


Your energy is your most valuable resource.  If you are drained, discouraged, tired or exhausted, you cannot be creative.  Period!  Creativity IS what sets you apart and what makes your phone ring.  This session is worth it’s weight in gold because you will identify what is sucking-the-life-out-of-you and specific actions to get back on track.  You will understand;

Activities that drain your energy and stifle creativity and business growth.

A process to take control of your energy that applies to your business and your life.

How to delegate energy draining tasks and still be in control.

(You will receive an email with “call in” information following purchase).



I truly love your approach!   You got me thinking about how much I do.   I had a big presentation today for a model home and I felt like I just had to “fit it in” rather than really enjoy the process and be creative.

Karen C., Interior Designer, Sacramento, CA

POWER HOUR  LIVE “Coachinar”

“How To Evaluate Your Resources & Get Back on Track”

TBD |  $20


The purpose of outsourcing business tasks is to give you more time to do the things you love and when you do that you attract more business.   Do you have a tendency to do it all yourself because it takes too much to explain what you want?   Are you doing “work arounds” with the experts you hired because they do part of what you want?  If so, it’s time to re-evaluate.   Angela will share key tips where you will learn;

The top issues holding us back from maximizing external experts.

Key tips to utilize external experts to handle critical business tasks.

How to evaluate your existing resources and understand what is working/not working.

How to find new resources.

How to have win/win conversations with existing resources.

(You will receive an email with “call in” information following purchase).



I just had an aha moment!  Thank you so much.   You helped me see things in a completely new way.  I realized, to get the best results, I should focus my personal energy on the part of my business that I love and how it’s okay to have someone else take over the day to day of the other.  

Carla A., Interior Designer, Houston, TX

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