Coaching helps you and your interior design business thrive.

For creatives, success means structuring your business in ways that leverage your strengths and allow you to realize your full potential.  To do this, we’ll identify areas that can be made more efficient.  In your ongoing coaching sessions, you’ll also learn and practice new skills that will help you turn unfinished ideas into practical action steps to achieve targeted results.

  • Customize the “interior design process” that fits your natural rhythms.
  • Identify your unique process of producing high profit client referrals.
  • Discover holistic interior design business development.
  • Resolve gapping holes in the interior design business.
  • Let go of limiting belief systems while creating custom new ones.
  • Learn how to differentiate between business and personal.
  • Learn how to use intuition to strengthen your interior design business.
  • Build the fundamentals for a strong design business.
  • Identify and implement passive income revenue streams.
  • Uncover your management style and strengthen people skills.
  • Custom design and set your long term business vision.
  • Learn how to avoid costly mistakes.

What is Coaching


Our Clients Say it Best!


A bad-ass coach, intentional, a blessing.  Working with Angela is a game-changer.


Laura Schwartz-Muller


I cut the number of clients in half, but have made 50% more in profits!  Thank you!!


Carol Madeen


Three weeks ago I said I was 70% ready for a billionaire client.  Today I got my call!





Speak your dreams, define your goals & create your action plan

Spend 4 hours with me and you’ll experience a creative, business savvy method to capture your dreams, develop custom goals and generate actions steps that fit into your day-to-day strengthening your business, prosperity and ease of living!

Every one of us has deep longings that are unique to us—longings for ourselves and for other people, for our work and for our personal relationships. These desires are part of our core identity. When we embrace them, we feel powerful and free.

Most of us know only a fraction of what we truly desire. So, we chase things we wanted in the past, what society tells us we should want, or what other people in our lives believe we want.

What are the signs that you haven’t identified your true desires?

A big deal collapses and you feel relieved.

A significant achievement leaves you feeling empty and unsatisfied.

You hesitate to write down your goals because you don’t know how to pursue them.


If that sounds familiar, Desire Mining can be a life-changing experience.

Angela facilitates a journey that supports you to excavate those buried desires and expose them to the light.  As you give them your attention, in a safe space with room to expand, you begin to chart the path. The path to your new product line. The path to your new relationship. The path to financial independence.  The path to your career.

Come to the session with the willingness to take a journey of the heart.


Key Takeaways:

Leave with a list of your deepest desires.

Learn a process to map to your ideal future.

Gain confidence and momentum toward implementing your next chapter.


You’ll spend 4 hours on three calls with Angela as she facilitates a way to speak those dreams you’ve always wanted and learn a creative, business savvy method to capture them, write goals and generate practical action steps.  Together, you will decide the level of priorities to your most important goals and generate multiple, inspiring pathways to achieve them.

For a second and third call, you will create an outline of your vision for the year to help guide your time management and daily tasks making waking up every day a lot easier since you have a structure to keep you focused.

After purchasing your session, you will receive a confirmation email with appointment dates to choose from that fit your schedule.

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For years my true desires eluded me. I wanted to launch a business and felt empty on the details. With Angela, I opened a well of desires and the entire idea completely unfolded.  I defined it, found the right team and launched it..  Now, I meet with Angela every other month to dig and find more of what I want in my life. 

Lisa, Interior Designer, MO


Angela serves as your host and guide to a sacred space where you have permission to fully embrace your deepest desires without knowing if or how they are possible.  “What do you want?” is the simple question that sets you on your way.

Kathy, Interior Designer, TX


I leave here feeling alive; my creativity has reached a new level, my confidence and joy in what I do is filling me up.  I know exactly what to do today, tomorrow and next year.

Charlotte, Interior Designer, TX

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