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1.    To receive CEU credit you must be on record as purchasing “Play Your Genius Out”. Purchase here
2.    To obtain full credit for .1 CEU, complete the 10 question quiz with 80% accuracy.
3.    You can repeat the test in order to pass. Go to Play Your Genius Out video at any time.
4.    If you have trouble using an IPad to complete the quiz, try using another device.
5.    Grab your IDCEC number (if you have one). You will be asked to provide it at the beginning of the quiz (it begins with the number 21 followed by 8 numbers.  It is different from your ASID number).
6.    If you DO have an IDCEC number, and pass the quiz, your CEU credit will be recorded and you will be emailed. A hard copy certificate is not required.
7.    If you DO NOT have an IDCEC number, pass the quiz, and require some written confirmation of completion, please email us at

8.    If you have any trouble with this quiz contact us directly at



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First and Last Name

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Please provide a current email so that we can notify you when your education credit has been recorded to your IDCEC account.

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Please provide your IDCEC number (if you have one).  It begins with the number 21 followed by a dash and 8 digits.  If you do not have one, no problem.

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#1.   Some of the lessons learned from Angela’s story about the four harness loom are;

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#2.  Angela defines “Play Your Genius Out” in the video as;

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#3.   Why is it so important to make cultivating and nurturing your creativity your number one priority?

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#4.   What are the top 3 areas that hold us back from cultivating our creativity?

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#5.   What does the research about the different sizes of pendulums aligning to each other have to do with your business?

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#6.   What are the 3 strategies to get back on track and practice playing your genius out?

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#7.   What are some of the activities Angela spoke about to help you focus on making creative exploration a priority?

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#8.  Why is hiring experts to perform energy draining tasks in your business so important in the growth of your business?

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#9.  Why is intuition a more powerful tool than any other business tool?

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#10.   What are the steps to practice strengthening, or intentionally using you intuition more?

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