Almost there.  Let’s review quiz instructions.

1.    To receive CEU credit you must be on record as purchasing “The Art of Difficult Conversations”. Purchase here
2.    To obtain full credit for .2 CEU, complete the test with 80% accuracy.
3.    You can repeat the test in order to pass. Refer to the Art of Difficult Conversation CEU video at any time.
4.    Some people have had trouble using an IPad to complete the quiz.  If so, try using another device.
5.    Grab your IDCEC number (if you have one). You will be asked to supply it (it begins with 21 followed by some zeros and numbers.  It’s different from your ASID number).
6.    If you DO have an IDCEC number, and pass the test, your CEU credit will be recorded at IDCEC. A hard copy certificate is not required.
7.    If you DO NOT have an IDCEC number, and pass the test, you will receive a certificate of completion via email.

8.    If you have any trouble with this quiz contact us directly. Telephone: 214.418.6860 E-mail:

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