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3.    You can repeat the test in order to pass. Refer to the The Courage to Lead Interior Design into a New Era at any time.
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Please provide your IDCEC number (if you have one).  It begins with the number 21 followed by a dash and 8 digits.  If you do not have one, no problem.

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#1.   What are the two biggest global issues that are changing the way successful interior designers practice their business?

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#2.   At one point in the video Angela said, “If you get nothing else from this CEU, remember this…..” What did she say?

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#3.  The mission statement is used;

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#4.   Angela used a method to create the foundation of a business plan by evaluating energy based on what excites your soul and drains your energy. What were those four steps?

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#5.   What is the most significant change in the way you would market to potential clients?

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#6.   Business partnerships are one of the most popular and effective ways of generating new clients for design projects. They start with understanding the common interests that you share with your best clients. What were the four examples of partnerships presented?

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#7.   Each person has access to intuition; our own GPS system to navigate and guide our decisions in business and personal areas. What are the 4 steps to accessing the intuition?

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#8.  What does “choosing nourishing resources” have to do with taking your business, and this industry to new heights?

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#9.  What are the benefits of accepting (only) the right match of client?

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#10.   Higher profits by eliminating costly mistakes from miscommunications.

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