How Financial Guidance Uplevels Your Interior Design Business Podcast

Learn specific ways a financial advisor can help a) increase consistency of cash-flow, b) clean up, organize and allocate funds in clear, easy-to-manage “buckets”, c) create cash reserves - for a [...]

How To Melt Away Tax Prep Overwhelm

I know the feeling.  Even though you're going along in your day, you feel this weighty feeling hanging over your head or in your gut because you know you have to get your taxes done in a couple [...]

How Coaching Changed My Life….

“Julie” just needed a few questions answered, “How do I leave my job after 35 years?” The stress was ruining her marriage but she was doing more than two peoples’ jobs and felt a sense of [...]

How To Eliminate The Stress of Unpaid Invoices

Learn one powerful tip to eliminate the stress of following up on unpaid invoices. Designers spend loads of time speculating, wondering and worrying about the reasons an invoice has not been [...]

8 Ideas to Get More Interior Design Referrals

Learn to solve your clients' daily struggles beyond interior design and your thoughtfulness will place you top of mind for future design projects! Research shows 98% of your business comes from [...]

Key Insights to Gracefully Navigate a Tug of War

The planetary influence of Saturn and Mars is creating a “Tug of War” in the outside world between each other, as well as in our hearts, minds and emotions. The entire planet is being pressed [...]

8 Tips to Decrease “Election Stress”

Today I read 52% percent of Americans admit to “election stress disorder”. (Really, that’s all?). Most people say this is the most stressful election they have ever experienced. It has rocked [...]

Reclaiming That “Love of Interior Design” Sparkle in Your Eyes!

Every day I get to hear the pure love interior designers have for their craft. Despite challenges with clients, budgets, deadlines, vendors, and crazy hours, they do it because that deep love [...]

How the Planets are Affecting Your Goals: Mark These Dates

There are significant influences happening this year.   With a Mars Saturn conjunction these planets could signal some obstacles and challenges during their transit.  I’ve distilled these [...]

Breaking Surface – Poem by Mark Nepo

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