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5 Ideas To Overcome “The Summer Slows”

I'm sharing 5 ideas to give you a financial boost during the summer. Yes, it's July but there is still time. Just because July and August are traditionally slow months for interior designers [...]

How To Eliminate The Stress of Unpaid Invoices

Learn one powerful tip to eliminate the stress of following up on unpaid invoices. Designers spend loads of time speculating, wondering and worrying about the reasons an invoice has not been [...]

8 Ideas to Get More Interior Design Referrals

Learn to solve your clients' daily struggles beyond interior design and your thoughtfulness will place you top of mind for future design projects! Research shows 98% of your business comes from [...]

How to Attract Your Best Clients: 3 Marketing Tips

When I finished the Marketing webinar last week targeted to design professionals titled How to Attract Your Best Clients, I realized maybe I should have titled it “Marketing is no Longer [...]

How To Differentiate Yourself

As interior designers, architects and creative entrepreneurs, our success is contingent on our own revelations experienced through constant creative expression, discovery and exploration.   It is [...]

How to Attract Your Right Clients; An Interview with Residential & Commercial Designer Lisa Peck

A New Era For Interior Design – And What to Do About It

Before Apple launched the “i” series, we all struggled with multiple, disconnected and sterile looking products.  Phones were grey or black with the occasional red or blue.  Music was another [...]

Own Your Wisdom and Attract Clients on Your Terms

Do you struggle with your fees?  Do you have that conversation inside your head “should I charge this or that or include that time or not?”  The answer to your fee dilemma is; believe [...]