5 Ideas To Overcome “The Summer Slows”

I'm sharing 5 ideas to give you a financial boost during the summer. Yes, it's July but there is still time. Just because July and August are traditionally slow months for interior designers doesn't mean it needs to be slow for your business. Have you tried these? Get re-inspired!

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How To Lift Your Business – And Your Mood – During Slow Times in Interior Design

If you’ve been in the interior design business for any amount of time, you already know that there are two times a year that business slows down; July/August and November/December.  Do you get anxious?  Worried?   Do you feel comforted in busy times but anxious when it's slow (even when you secretly want a breather)?  If you are ready to get off that treadmill and learn how to be positive and productive, watch [...]

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How To Melt Away Tax Prep Overwhelm

I know the feeling.  Even though you're going along in your day, you feel this weighty feeling hanging over your head or in your gut because you know you have to get your taxes done in a couple of weeks.  You need a big chunk of time that you just don't have.  It's so overwhelming. Try these 3 tips. They work every time!

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How To “Uplevel” Your Mentality For Higher End More Creative Projects

What is the difference between getting selected for a higher-end project or just the same old mid level mediocre design project? Visualization! You must be able to stand in all the details of that new project you want from a place of strength and belief. It's physics; like attracts like. Here are a couple tips to get you started.

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How Coaching Changed My Life….

“Julie” just needed a few questions answered, “How do I leave my job after 35 years?” The stress was ruining her marriage but she was doing more than two peoples’ jobs and felt a sense of responsibility to wait and leave "at a good time".

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How To Respond To Clients Questioning Your Invoices

Learning how to respond to upset clients who receive an "unexpected invoices helps you resolve the issue and move on so your valuable energy can be channeled to creating great design. In this video I read a real complaint from an interior designers' client and cover the verbiage to respond inducing a positive outcome for all!!

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