Petite-Sabbatical: One Interior Designers Journey to Recharge

Burnt out? If you've ever wanted to take a break but never felt like you could, listen to this 30-minute interview with San Francisco based interior designer Sabra Ballon who took three weeks off. Learn how to plan for taking time off, ideas to get your team (and your clients) prepared for your absence and ways to implement your recharged attitude back into your creative process.

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August Depression?

Six easy steps to shift August into your power month. Convert the energy of August (ease, restful, regenerative), into a reflective, yet action oriented, time to fuel your soul before taking the last laps to the finish line. (Four months of 2022, yep, you heard that right, only 4 months).

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How Financial Guidance Uplevels Your Interior Design Business Podcast

Learn specific ways a financial advisor can help a) increase consistency of cash-flow, b) clean up, organize and allocate funds in clear, easy-to-manage “buckets”, c) create cash reserves - for a rainy day or future dreams, d) pay yourself fairly and for taking the risk of entrepreneurship, e) identify if you qualify for free government money, f) release feeling “scared” about using a smart financial advisor, [...]

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How To Make Getting Referrals Easier (and Fun)

Every relationship in which you have a powerful sense of connection creates a web of support around you. Ninty plus percent of your connections are your source of referrals. Learn how to nurture those people and communities who offer you the highest potential for attracting your perfect client and business partnerships.

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Happy Mother’s Day During COVID-19: A Message of Hope

A major shift is taking place between humans and their space. In this video, Angela speaks in detail about the reasons why interior design is booming and will continue post COVID-19.

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10 Smart Year-End Business Expenses For Interior Designers

You've looked at your financials for the year and realize you need more expenses.  In the words of one of my clients, "I have a load of cash that I need to spend.  Otherwise I'm giving it to the IRS." Be smart, invest NOW in your success for next year.   THE BEST approach to do this is...

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5 Ideas To Overcome “The Summer Slows”

I'm sharing 5 ideas to give you a financial boost during the summer. Yes, it's July but there is still time. Just because July and August are traditionally slow months for interior designers doesn't mean it needs to be slow for your business. Have you tried these? Get re-inspired!

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How To Lift Your Business – And Your Mood – During Slow Times in Interior Design

If you’ve been in the interior design business for any amount of time, you already know that there are two times a year that business slows down; July/August and November/December.  Do you get anxious?  Worried?   Do you feel comforted in busy times but anxious when it's slow (even when you secretly want a breather)?  If you are ready to get off that treadmill and learn how to be positive and productive, watch [...]

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