Petite-Sabbatical: One Interior Designers Journey to Recharge

Burnt out? If you've ever wanted to take a break but never felt like you could, listen to this 30-minute interview with San Francisco based interior designer Sabra Ballon who took three weeks [...]

August Depression?

Six easy steps to shift August into your power month. Convert the energy of August (ease, restful, regenerative), into a reflective, yet action oriented, time to fuel your soul before taking the [...]

How Financial Guidance Uplevels Your Interior Design Business Podcast

Learn specific ways a financial advisor can help a) increase consistency of cash-flow, b) clean up, organize and allocate funds in clear, easy-to-manage “buckets”, c) create cash reserves - for a [...]


Learn effective leadership tips to become an exceptional interior design entrepreneur in this 40 minute podcast.

Offer Yourself What You Offer to Others

How To Make Getting Referrals Easier (and Fun)

Every relationship in which you have a powerful sense of connection creates a web of support around you. Ninty plus percent of your connections are your source of referrals. Learn how to [...]

Learn lifelong methods to restore your work/life balance. This highly interactive, inspirational discussion gives you tools to nurture and cultivate your creative talents while running a business. (.1 CEU: IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA)

The key to building a thriving interior design business is managing the balance between staying creative and running the day to day parts of your business.  In this one hour course, you will [...]

Package 3: Forty Hours of Coaching

The beauty of ongoing coaching is that you can work on short and long term goals.  Build tasks for the moment and action plans for next month, quarter and year.  You have a thinking partner to [...]

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Happy Mother’s Day During COVID-19: A Message of Hope

A major shift is taking place between humans and their space. In this video, Angela speaks in detail about the reasons why interior design is booming and will continue post COVID-19.