Accredited Continuing Education

for Interior Designers


Accredited Continuing Education

For Interior Designers

Learn from an expert who guides interior designers to achieve their greatest creative potential.

After thousands of hours coaching designers on barriers to their success, Angela deeply understands the key issues across all levels of designers, and knows the solutions that work for her clients.  It is that information that becomes the continuing education course. In every course, you get a breakdown of the issues and practical proven ideas to solve them. These courses are ideal for ASID continuing education.

Course content centers on topics not taught in design school like how to have a difficult conversation with clients and employees, how to strengthen the value of interior design services perceived by your clients and topics that help designers create businesses structures and processes that meet their unique working style – not just from a book or other designers.

Available Courses

Learn how to build a thriving interior design business from a completely different perspective.

Our Clients Say it Best!


You saved me $10,000!  I used some of the techniques from your e-course.

Thank you!




Once again, you are my favorite instructor BY FAR!  You speak deliberate, concise, and everything is applicable to my business.  I have a list of action steps.  Thank you!


Marlene Lynch


I’m inspired!  I had no idea how impactful your e-courses would be.  I look forward to more.  Thank you for such a tremendous gift.


Robert Northington

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