How Financial Guidance Uplevels Your Interior Design Business Podcast

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My goal in making this 50 minute podcast with financial management advisor Greg McDonough, was to peak behind the mind of a financial advocate to understand how they strengthen your business and help you make better decisions (without the risk – because let’s be honest, it’s hard to trust people with our money). Greg covers the top money challenges designers face and shows us the myriad of techniques and processes he uses to resolve them once and for all allowing designers to have strong financial wealth so they can focus more on design. (Isn’t that the whole point?).

In working with designers, I have discovered that one of the most powerful ways to “uplevel” a business is to find a trusted, knowledgeable, passionate financial advocate who has the processes to clean and organize the financial processes, set up procedures for consistent cash flow and identify all the little holes money is leaking out so that your business operations starts to run like a well-oiled machine!  Less stress, more creative time and more profits!

You’ll learn how a financial advisor can help:

a) increase consistency of cash-flow
b) clean up, organize and allocate funds in clear, easy-to-manage “buckets”
c) create cash reserves – for a rainy day or future dreams
d) pay yourself fairly + the risk of entrepreneurship

…and so much more.    This conversation is a gem.

Visit Greg’s website at 

Grab your favorite beverage and snuggle in that comfy chair. Enjoy!

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