Happy Mother’s Day During COVID-19: A Message of Hope

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It has been a rough ride.  A time of suffering for everyone in one way or another.

My wish for you is that you are able to come thru this challenge stronger, clearer, wiser, kinder, and with gratitude for what you do have and a rejuvenated passion for starting a new way of working.

There is good news.  A major shift is emerging between humans and their space.  Take a listen…

People have spent more time in their homes doing a larger variety of things than in any time in history; working, exercising, home schooling, caring for parents/kids/ grandkids, cooking, crafting, needing a quiet space to be alone as well as space for the family to be together, etc.

People are hyper-focused on what is working, and not working, in their space and are itching to make changes.  Many can afford moving forward with design projects because they are not spending money on vacations, travel, sporting events, entertaining, clothes, weddings, automobiles, etc.  Because they are, and will continue, to spend more time at home, people are ready to remodel a kitchen, renovate, replace and update in every way possible.   From selling homes to full home remodels to replacing furniture, or simple changes like paint and art.

Trending in this boom are home offices and outdoor spaces.   Less obvious trends are with clients who have second homes.  They are leaving their first homes in big cities to use their second homes more like they would their first.  They now need a major remodel to accommodate the space for his/her offices, guest quarters near the main home (not in the main home), home schooling and maybe even more people in the home.  And they want it NOW!

My interior design coaching clients are getting inquiries from new and existing clients thru a process of reaching out in unique ways.  One doctor wanted to start that landscape project so that he had something to look forward to.

Another designer had an “inactive” existing client who had been putting off a kitchen remodel and with their cruise cancelled, she was excited to start the project.

Some designers are continuing work on existing projects using appropriate social distancing methods, video conferencing, remote working and even meeting with clients/architects and builders outside on card tables!  I love the creative, out of the box, problem solving approach interior designers can bring to working in the world of COVID-19.  As you know, there is so much design work that can be done using technology.

Finally, I was surprised to learn that when interior designers did reach out to clients – both active and inactive – 70% of clients assumed the designers were not working which was not correct and extremely valuable information.

Interior design is just beginning to launch into a major boom!  That is great news!  The next question is what are you doing now to open the flood gates?

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