How To Melt Away Tax Prep Overwhelm

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As a coach to interior designers, I want to share 3 tips that will help melt away that overwhelm and get you on your way!


Acknowledge overwhelm and it will dissipate. 

Rather than pushing away that feeling of overwhelm with hopes it will go away, just acknowledge the way you feel.  Yes.  Feel it and say, “It’s ok.”  Breath.  Say it again.  Repeat 5-6-8 times.  When we can sit with our overwhelm – not succumb to it – but just say, “ok, there it is”, it will dissipate and shift.  Once the feelings are “seen” they release the hold they have on us.  It is a little like science.  Once you turn on the light, darkness disappears.  The overwhelm might not melt away completely, but it will break apart just enough that it shifts the perspective from paralyze into “I can do this”.



Don’t wait for a big block of time to start. 

It will never happen.  Ever.  Start with 15 minutes.  Block your calendar for and set your alarm for 15 minutes (as if it was a quick call with a client).   Focus on doing one thing.  Maybe gather your IRS forms.  You should have all of those by now (1099s, bank interest, investments, etc).   Simply find them and put them into a folder labeled IRS forms (when you are finished this year, you are already set to use it for next year and have a place to put the forms when they arrived in February 2020!).  Now you’ve started and have a win under your belt!  It is the beginning to momentum and changes the energy from overwhelm to “hey, I started and got something done.”



Take big tasks and “chunk them down” into short little tasks. 

The most demotivating way you can write a list is to take a huge task with 1000 moving parts, and write it as if it was one step, “finish taxes.”   Never do that!   Promise me?  “Finish taxes” is the headline but break it down into the tiny steps and schedule it on your calendar.  If you have 5 minutes.  Gather bank statements.  If you have one hour take a topic and sort papers, say expenses.  Sort into marketing expenses, educational, operational, travel, lead generation, etc…   When your timer rings, change your attitude about getting things done.  Instead of being unhappy because you only got “X” amount done, BE HAPPY because you got “X” amount done.  Trust me, positive outlook is motivating.  Being “less than” is demotivating.


BONUS SECRET!  (and my favorite).  Aromatherapy.

Splash on some lavender essential oil – don’t be cheap, be generous – or light your favorite fragrance candle with some dance music and MAKE IT FUN!!

Want a breakthrough?  Send me a note!

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