10 Tips to Let Your House Heal Your Health

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Did you know we can reverse diabetes simply by creating the right living environment?   Same with sleep disorders and many more diseases.  The time is here where we can create environments that heal our body not just support a healthy lifestyle!  That is a huge difference.  Science shows us exactly what degrades our cells and what strengthens them.   Here are 10 simple tips you can do as a designer, architect, builder or “do-it-yourself-er”, that can help your home heal your body!


#1:   Create a party for your senses.  Before you start dinner or read the mail, take 5 minutes in that space you created that celebrates your senses.  It could be a converted room, closet or even corner but include music, art, fluffy rug for your feet, flowers, favorite travel memorabilia, and a delightful fragrance.


#2  Place living plants where you enter your home to greet you!  Plants calm the nervous system, add fresh oxygen to the air and remove toxins.  Perfect way to lift your spirits as you enter your home from a long day.


#3   Make purified water available, simple and delicious.  Purified water cures so many ailments.  Make it easy with a pitcher purifier, go all out with a whole home system or a number of options in between.  Have fresh mint, cucumber slices, lemon, lime even a couple frozen strawberries to change it up and make it refreshing.


#4   Set up an organized “dumping zone” near the door.   Make it easy to “leave everything” at the door – your coat, bag, shoes, jewelry, tablet – as soon as you arrive.  Slip on your favorite comfy slippers signaling the shift from work to home.

light a candle

#5   Start a recharging ritual before doing what you HAVE TO DO.   Especially if your office is in your home!  Make a distinct ritual of leaving work and entering your personal time!  Make it physical like closing a door, shutting of the computer, changing your clothes, calling a friend, turning on music or stepping into your “party for your senses space”.


#6   Place affirmations in the most prominent places.  Words work.  Words change our thoughts.  Thoughts change our behaviors.  Behaviors change our outcomes.  Don’t be shy with those sticky notes.  What phrases will support you now?  Change them up when you move into a new phase.  Have some fun with color and watch what happens next!


#7   Fill your fridge, pantry and counter-tops with real food.  You can get organic, fresh take out now so there is no excuse for eating packaged, “dead” food.  (Remember, 80% of food packaged in the USA is banned in most countries because of the horrible quality and added sugar).  You will feel so much better with high quality food that is “alive”.


#8    Make sure all your light bulbs are incandescent or LED.  Don’t be fooled by the “energy saving light bulbs”.  They emit high frequency radiation wavelengths that irritate the trillion cells in our body breaking down our immune system.  They are mercury based and those toxins travel.  They are toxic to the environment as well.


#9    Turn off your WiFi router (in the house) before going to bed.   WiFi sends high levels of radio frequencies through your space.  It disturbs sleep and doesn’t allow your body to restore and rejuvenate properly.   Try it.  It’s fabulous!  Like sleeping under the stars in the deep dark restful silence.   


#10    Create a “no electronic” zone in your bedroom.  Remove the TV, laptops, tablets, cell phones, cordless phones….  All these electronics interfere with the electrical communications of your cells.  Your cells use electrical messaging to to create the right chemistry in your body for rejuvenation.  All these electronics in your bedroom act as jammers and create havoc in your body.  If you like to use your cell phone as an alarm, simply put it on “airplane mode”.

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