Three Steps to Gaining Clarity and Getting What YOU Want

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One interior designers story; get clear about what you want and it will find you!

Sue has been an interior designer for 30 years.  She says, “I want to change the type of projects I work on from traditional to contemporary but I don’t know how to make that shift.”

I asked her to describe that perfect project in every detail.  Struggling a bit at first, she began describing the home, the style, the colors that she wants to “play in”, the art and textiles and even the characteristics of the client.  We dove into every detail; exploring, discovering and speaking things aloud for the first time.  The more she talked the clearer she got.  The clearer she got the more she got excited and motivated.

Two weeks later, at the beginning of our coaching conversation, Sue enthusiastically (and in slight disbelief) began to share what happened following her revelations from our previous conversation.  She says, “They called.  The project I described.  A friend of a past client was getting ready to put an offer on a house and they called to have me walk through, talk about what they wanted to do with the home and give my opinion if it was the right choice.  It was the perfect project that I described to you earlier.  How is that possible?”  I told her it was physics – like attracts like – and when you become so clear about what you want, and open to receive, it will find you!

Sue expressed how deeply she wanted to work with clients where she could take a greater sense of “creative freedom”.  So another two weeks passes and Sue tells me that this same client invited her to Los Angeles to shop together – delighted to pay her way and her time.

I’ve been coaching interior designers and architects for a decade and what I can tell you is that when you get very clear about what you want, it will find you!

Three steps to gaining clarity and what YOU want:

1.  Let Go of the “Rational/Judgmental Mind”.   The rational mind is a barrier to possibility.  That self-imposed “judgment” shuts down new pathways before they can germinate.  Let go of the “how”, “why” and “shoulds”.  (I know, easier said than done).

2.  Give Yourself Permission to Describe What You Want!  Do for yourself, what you do for your clients.  Describe – in all its glory – as many details about what you want in any topic in your life; type of project, outcome of a certain situation, a relationship, a spouse, your health…. What do YOU want?  When you ask yourself the question wait for the answer.  (What you don’t want does not translate into what you do want).

3.  Celebrate!  (You heard it!).  Celebrate any little aspect that shows up.  What you want might show up in little pieces.  Look for it, acknowledge it, and celebrate that it is happening.  Celebration (i.e. gratitude) motivates the soul and moves you to your goal faster.  Don’t wait to celebrate when everything is perfect!

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