Key Insights to Gracefully Navigate a Tug of War

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A word of caution and some good news.

I found this information extremely helpful to relieve strain and keep things in perspective. The planetary influence of Saturn and Mars is creating a “Tug of War” in the outside world between each other, as well as in our hearts, minds and emotions.

Mars is transiting through the sign of Saturn and Saturn through Mars.  That might not seem like a big deal except they don’t like each other;  think two people in the same room who despise one another and fight for opposite positions.   Saturn represents slowness, darkness and limitation but also karma, discipline and contemplation.  It forces us to confront our past lessons and gain their wisdom.   It represents a period of learning and growth.  Mars on the other hand represents fast ACTION, fiery drive, decisiveness, taking a stand to be seen and fighting (yes, Mars rules the military).

This planetary “Tug of War” is reaching a crescendo around 12/2 pushing us all to the brink.  The entire planet is being pressed into a “fight or flight” mode.  There is danger here if we allow ourselves to remain and make decisions from this space because it comes from the reptilian part of our brain.  As humans, we were created with the highest level of thinking from the neocortex – frontal lobe – but when we feel unsafe our consciousness drops to the reptilian brain where the options for solutions are solely survival based and individualistic at that.   It’s a brilliant design for life threatening situations but dangerous when used in non-life threatening situations instead of accessing higher thinking.

The good news is that on January 20, 2017 Mars finally finishes its transit.  Until then, the best move for each of us is to disengage from this “fight or flight” survival based disposition and move up into the neocortex (higher thinking) so that our thoughts and action arise from the vast possibilities available in higher consciousness.

Mark December 2 – 4 to “lay low” and stay away from any potential conflict or altercations with others.  Extra caution is advised at this time.  Why?  The moon (mind/emotions and public) will be joining Mars which marks an extremely volatile time for the planet.   If you can “lay low” and allow this volatile time to pass, you have better odds at avoiding actions that you might regret.

On the positive side, a lot can be accomplished with the Mars/Saturn exchange of energy when channeled properly.  You’ve got the Saturnine energy of discipline, action, and access to wisdom learned from past lessons coupled with fiery drive, action and decisiveness.  Use these few days to help achieve a goal or finish a project.

Astrologist Pamela McDonough provided the key insights and I simply added the psychological perspective to this planetary tug of war.  For detailed information about astrology visit Pam’s web site HERE.

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