Reclaiming That “Love of Interior Design” Sparkle in Your Eyes!

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Every day I get to hear the pure love interior designers have for their craft.  Despite challenges with clients, budgets, deadlines, vendors, craftspeople, crazy hours and everything it takes to follow that passion, they do it because that deep love for the work calls loudest!

My message today is simply, schedule creative discovery on your calendar consistently so that no matter what life brings, you are regularly nurturing that love of design.   Schedule moments or hours each week to freely explore whatever you feel like doing without purpose!  Yes, you heard me.  Do it just because you want to have some fun.  Explore a showroom, read a magazine, visit a museum, watch a movie, walk through nature in your bare feet….   Do whatever reconnects you with that inner spark and increases your flame.  We – your clients – need you to take good care of your “love of design” because it is this free spirit that helps us find who we are through the exploration of possibilities for creating our new space.

Cultivate that love of design medium with reckless abandon so that you rekindle that spark that makes your heart skip a beat.  Next time I see you for an appointment about my space, I want to see that flame in your eyes.  If you have lost that spark, find it.  Do it for me, your client, because when you work from that spark, and not from the problems of your last appointment, you can give me 100% of your talent and that is what I want.  Yes, 100% of your best you!

So, first commit to yourself to monitor your “flame” and not allow it to get low.   Without that love, it becomes just another job and you of all people did not get into this business to “take another job”!

Second, carve out time in your schedule to nurture and expand your love of design.  Let your heart motivate your exploration activities be it in lighting, fabrics, colors, antiques, furniture, new technology, and accessories.  Find deeper meaning, ways you’ve never considered using something so that I get to have something you’ve never done before.    Maybe you need to do something that “seemingly” has nothing to do with design – like catch up on sleep!  (67% of Americans are sleep deprived and creativity STOPS when the basic human needs are not fulfilled).  Whatever it is you need, do it without judgement or purpose and explore whatever FILLS YOUR SOUL.  This is what allows you to help us find our personal style and how to manifest it in a way that neither of us realize.

If you are going to work this hard to do what you love then commit to growing that inner brilliance and apply it to making my life – your client – better!!!

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