How to Attract Your Best Clients: 3 Marketing Tips

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When I finished the Marketing webinar last week targeted to design professionals, I realized maybe I should have titled it “Marketing is no Longer Marketing”.    We all must throw out our ideas about marketing and begin with a new blank slate.  It starts with looking inward and knowing who we are and what we stand for authentically, fearlessly and proactively.  Without that we are aimlessly searching for something we “should” be doing – which is trying to live from another persons’ path.

Here are three main tips from the live continuing education webinar (accredited by IDCEC for ASID, IIDA, IDA).


Marketing cannot compare to the old the “sit and wait” advertising.  Today one must create a unique, one-of-a-kind journey that your targeted clients have been aspiring to take.   It’s all about connection and generating experiences with your top best clients…. and their friends.


Marketing is a natural organic extension of the things you love – meeting at the intersection of the things your top 10 clients love.  This is the sweet spot.  Get the people in a room who share the love of any topic and you will generate a deeper connection with them.  Love of animals, art, food, wine, outdoors, exercise…..  write about it, invite others to join you, create a unique event….  You don’t necessarily talk about “design” and yet they will make a connection with you as “designer” in a new and more expansive way.   Take a look at what Barbara Kaplan put together in this short video.  She identified what her clients love, invited them and their friends to an event at one of the vendors she loves brought in Feng Shui, retail, food and wine and bingo!  This is just one idea in today’s new marketing!


Most designers focus on what the client wants and how they can help them find their style almost erasing who they are in order to meet the clients needs.  Marketing today re-writes those rules because in order to make a connection, you’ve got to know who “you” are and show it in a way that builds a bridge, a deeper connection with your clients that makes you stand out without making you the topic.  Part finesse, and a pinch of savviness and lots of practice will help you feel more comfortable with the balance of connection and not topic stealing!



MAY 18, 9 am PT.    ONE HOUR; .1 CEU;

HOW TO ATTRACT YOUR BEST CLIENTS:  A Marketing Method for Creative Entrepreneurs  

Learn a 5 step process to find the intersection between you and your best clients. Generate fresh new ideas to attract more just like them.

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