Four Out of 5 Planets In Retrograde: Tips to Navigate Choppy Waters

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It is unusual for me to write about the effects of the planets but because of what’s coming I feel compelled to make you aware and give you some tips to help get you through with minimal damage.   I’m not going to get into the technical aspects of the planets – I’m not even an amateur!  For details go to Pamela McDonough’s’ web site HERE.

In a nut shell, four out of 5 planets will be in retrograde at the same time from April 28 – May 22.  What does that mean and what can you do to minimize errors?  First, let’s understand what each planet represents in our lives, how it impacts us and then we will have a better understanding about the implications.

Forward movement and the planet of communication, quick thinking, reasoning and possibilities.

Fiery red because it is about action, energy, passion, drive and determination.  It commands you take a stand (Mars rules the military).

Higher learning, the spiritual teacher and sees to it that we are on the right path.  It can deteriorate into laziness and sloth i.e. weight gain.

Work and karma – learning life’s lessons.  It has been said that the influence of Saturn “sands off our edges” so the diamond can shine through.

So, retrograde means all of these planets will be impacting us in far more challenging ways.  I think of it like something that scatters our power of good reasoning; we simply don’t have access to our good faculties.  In 1937 when the planets were in a similar position, we had the Hindenburg disaster.  In April/May of 1997, theses planets were again together in this rare configuration and a friend had “routine surgery” from a surgeon who had performed a procedure thousands of times.  Let’s just say that he left the hospital far worse off than when he entered.

As it relates to our work or personal lives, we might experience more intense misunderstandings over simple things and act on them more fervently thinking we have all the facts only to find out later we were completely off base!   Most definitely we will be faced with resolving issues that have been coming to a head or that we have been putting off.

What can you do?

1.  Be aware that everyone’s thinking is compromised.

2.  Think long and hard before jumping to conclusions or making accusations.

3.  Cross every t and dot every i if you are creating or entering into a contract.

4.  Consider waiting to make big decisions.  You might make a different choice later.

5.  Practice more compassion and patience with others and yourself.

6.  Consider better self-care/life balance i.e. sleep, food, and try to limit things in excess.

7.  Remember these dates:  April 28-May22;  April 17-June 29 (Mars in retrograde).


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