How the Planets are Affecting Your Goals: Mark These Dates

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There are significant influences happening this year.   With a Mars Saturn conjunction these planets could signal some obstacles and challenges during their transit.  I’ve distilled these wise words from Vedic astrologer Pamela McDonough (who is extraordinary)!

We have some major planetary fireworks coming during the first half of 2016!  One of the most significant is the transit of Mars and Saturn through Scorpio. They will be together during much of 2016!   Let’s just say that these two planets are not amicable roommates.  Mars represents the arms and action.  Saturn is slow and methodical.

From the perspective of Ayurveda, Mars carries the element of fire, and Saturn, air. This combination can be explosive for some!  You may feel the conflicting energy of these transiting planets more than others.

On the flip side, this fusion of energy between Mars and Saturn can accomplish great things when channeled positively! This combo can definitely help you stay on track for your New Year’s resolutions!   Exactly what you can accomplish is specific to your own horoscope.

Note these dates on your calendar:Both Mars in Scorpio with Saturn!
February 20 – June 17

July 11 – September 17 

August 24, 2016Mark this date on your calendar: Mars and Saturn will be at the same degree in Scorpio (15:47). +/- 2 days either side could be very tricky. Unnecessary risks during this time is not advisable!

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