Happy New Year: One Tip To Make Your Resolution Successful

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Here we are AGAIN at the end of another year and jumping into a new one.  The most common practice this time of year, after over eating, over drinking, and under sleeping, is setting new years’ resolutions.  It’s not hard to understand why 90% of all New Years’ resolutions fail.  Our “plates” are too full.  We don’t have room to fit even one more behavior, class or new habit.  We tend to add to our plates without letting something go.  It’s a simple concept; once the glass is filled to the brim you cannot put more into it without an accident!

The key? Get rid of what you don’t want to make room for what you do want.  Catherine Ponder – the queen of prosperity – talks about how cleansing is the first step in prosperity.  Life is a constant purification or cleansing process.  If we try to bypass the cleansing laws of prosperity then we bypass our good because we have not cleansed our minds and our lives to make room for the good we want.   She says; “Your good does not flow easily into a cluttered crowded state of mind, emotion or situation.”  So, regardless of the topic of your resolution – better health habits, a new relationship or increased income, we must first release the unwanted to make way for our new desired states of being, having and doing.

That means, when we begin to get rid of things we don’t want, then things begin to shift creating a magnet to our own good. So whatever your new years’ resolution, go clean out your garage, your car, your desk drawers, go to your closet, kitchen, anywhere and start releasing that which you don’t want.  Add in the practice of speaking (and even writing – because your chances of success increase by 25% with both) this powerful affirmation from Catherine Ponder; “I now let go of worn out things, worn out conditions and worn out relationships. Divine order is now established and maintained in me and in my world.”
So, I put it to the test! I declared that I wanted to stop drinking coffee. My mouth LOVES coffee but my adrenals protest!  So, I thought, where do I want to start first?  Yes, my clothes closet. I started with the things that were easy decisions rather than getting bogged down with the things I wasn’t ready yet to let go of.  I still had plenty of things.  As I went, I felt energized. I moved to the kitchen. Then the bathroom. My office. I began to own this new lighter state of being and even started looking for ways to declare it in other areas of my life letting more of this new me in.


The results. It’s been one month since I gave up coffee. No headache. Only a quiet craving lingers.  (A quick argument between my mouth and my adrenals).  There was more good news. I gained some amazing new clients in December. The results were so profound my husband joined in and we cleaned out the garage AND HAD FUN DOING IT!
If you want to be successful with your new years’ resolution, first state your resolutions and then set them down and begin by cleaning out the things you don’t want, speak the affirmation and then watch what happens.
Cheers! May 2016 be your best yet!

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