Own Your Wisdom and Attract Clients on Your Terms

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Do you struggle with your fees?  Do you have that conversation inside your head “should I charge this or that or include that time or not?”  The answer to your fee dilemma is; believe in your value. Know it, stand by it. “Wear” the confidence of your highest rate like your favorite shirt knowing it’s a great deal because the value your client receives lasts for years and far surpasses the rate. 

Do what you need to do to believe it.  Remind yourself of the thousands of hours, late nights/early mornings building your expertise and wisdom beyond what any client can imagine. If you have forgotten (and don’t remind them), and if you don’t stand in that powerful wisdom speaking from that truth, how can they know and believe it?  If you believe it, then they will. 

I know an interior designer who charges $350 per hour.  She tells her clients, “What I impart to you in a short amount of time is 25 years of experience that will save you 10 times its worth in unnecessary expenses or mistakes.” She knows it’s true. She owns her knowledge and how it can impact a client – and their future pocketbook. She cannot keep up with the demand of work!

Also, one day during a CEU presentation a woman in the audience said to me, “This year is the first year in 30 years that I’ve actually charged my full hourly rate.” She described one event that made her so mad that she decided to charge her full rate and after getting past the initial fear that some clients would leave her, she noticed that not only did they pay the new rate but they respected her even more.  She reported more business at the higher rate.

If what you just heard fires you up, interests you or is a problem you face, click here to watch the CEU title Designing for Business Growth.   One hour and .1 CEU (IDCEC, ASID, IIDA, IDA)  


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