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eturning from a workshop with global activist and truth whisperer Lynne Twist and I’m so humbled at the level of grace, commitment and pure light that Lynne shines everywhere she goes.   It has renewed my commitment to courageously continuously “shine light” from the most authentic soulful place in my heart.

Ten years ago I attended “The Soul of Money” workshop that infused my very being with the courage and inspiration to joyfully and fearlessly create my own dream work.  Returning to be with her again lifted me to a new level on my own journey that is pouring from my soul.

One of my clients today said, “I was so inspired by the fact that I could climb up a mountain at my age with a full pack and hunt like I was young.”  She said, “I used to put myself down that I wasn’t the dainty one but today I’m grateful for having this “healthy” build.   This trip inspired me and made me grateful God gave me this build to do the things I love.”

As a sole proprietor, president and head bottle washer of her thriving interior design firm, it was very difficult for her to carve out this time of completely “disconnecting” so rejuvenate her soul.  She had to get completely depleted before allowing herself to “Just Do It”.  When she returned from her journey in nature, she was so inspired she began writing a new idea for her business that will not only transform her business but the very nature of the way designers are seen in her local area.

Go find your stilts, your floats, your Launchpad whatever that looks like and make sure you create the time and space in your life to fill you up with that inspiration that makes you walk taller and share your sacred heart with everyone you touch.

Take the time.  Schedule it.  Understand that it is an essential element of your work and life.  Get inspired.  Stay inspired.    Create Inspiration!

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