Change Your Heart….Change Your Life!

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ave you ever gotten a new piece of information that literally changed the way you saw everything? Like going from 2D to 3D and the new perspective profoundly enriched the depth of your experience and understanding? This is one of those moments.

You have the capacity to shift the disposition of your heart. You have control of selecting your moods and there is a simple tool to help you do that.

Whether you fill up your heart with love or anger your heart activates two major things; first, it radiates an energetic field now measured by scientists 16 feet in circumference of your body communicating the mood you are in.   Second, it sends signals to your brain to “serve up” communications to your mouth and body that reflect your hearts’ current disposition. Simply said, when your heart is angry, resentful, or frustrated your heart beams out that message blasting the other person and well, we all know the result of that. On the flipside, love, kindness and compassion blast an energetic message of openness, partnership, and connection and the heart generates signals to the brain to serve up options that support that disposition. The life changing information is that it is about the feeling in your heart, not necessarily how you feel about that person. Ah, the key. Generate the feeling and the entire world changes!!!! Of course the ultimate step is to feel compassion for that person but this puts you well on your way!

One day my boss and I were having a heated argument ending in stalemate. If I returned to the discussion angry then all these tiny communication pods would blast his field and well, how could I expect anything different! Seconds before entering his office for another round, I shifted my heart filling it up with compassion and kindness. I couldn’t quite muster up feeling compassionate and kind about him but I could generate the feeling in my heart using other memories. In a millisecond, everything shifted and a completely different conversation unfolded and resulted with an amenable solution. Surprisingly I ended up having compassion and kindness for him. It was so miraculous, and the results so much richer, that I vowed to continue this practice until my last breath.

Why not put this knowledge to good use? Shift your consciousness to respond from the heart versus the head. Don’t wait for an experience to shape your mood (especially with the kind we don’t want), seize the moment and DECIDE to fill up your heart with love and let it flow with joy. We already know how to shift our heart disposition (despite the outward circumstances) and we usually do it many times a day. CHOOSE to do it consciously, purposefully, and more often. Like this. Sit back, close your eyes (well, in a minute after the instructions), and think about one of the most happy moments in your life….getting married, holding your baby for the first time, walking in the majesty of the earth, laughing at the funniest thing you’ve ever heard. OK, now take your consciousness to your heart. Notice it. Feel it. What is happening to it? Warm? Big? Relaxed? Beaming? Free? How did it change from the moment earlier? See, you did it just like that. It only took you seconds and all you had to do was recall something that shifted your mood.

These dispositions will SIGNIFICANTLY ENHANCE THE OUTCOME FOR ALL. It’s far different from only accessing the brain. The intelligence of the heart is not linear. It is holographic, meaning that at any point of the heart’s energy field, all knowledge of the whole is present. Unlike the brain, the heart gives us universal characteristic instead of individual characteristic. When you approach the difficult client; the boss or co-worker that you don’t like; the spouse that you are having an argument with; options are made available that would not have surfaced if your heart was angry. Isn’t that what you want anyway? You aren’t giving anything up. You both win.

So, take the first step and practice, practice, practice. Decide how you want to BE, FEEL, and WALK in this world despite external circumstances. It’s easy to do it with people we like. It’s not so easy to do it with those “difficult people” but, WOW it is sooooo worth it!! It will launch you into new levels of communication, connection, success and fulfillment in every area of your life.  Happy beaming!!!!

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