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t’s a path uniquely designed for us.  As much as we’d like someone to tell us “Do it this way” it just doesn’t work that way. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could ask experts and get the right answer for us?  Life; it’s the one thing we must figure out for ourselves.

How does finding your unique path relate to work? Family? Finances? Health? Fun? IT IS WHAT MAKES UP YOUR LIFE!  It is the gazillion choices we make every millisecond that builds our life!  Can you recall those moments when your choices felt right and didn’t feel like your path. What happened?  You knew the difference because things didn’t feel right.  You had to force to get things the way you wanted them.  It was difficult to the point you thought “what is going on here”. This illustration says it all!

There is a split second in time that we have to choose a decision – the fork in the road. We get to choose; scenic path or psychopath!  Sometimes we know we are choosing the psychopath and yet we still do it!!!  I can remember hundreds of decisions that either felt like my path or a detour; some big decisions and others really small.  In my 20’s, I turned down a lucrative job offer with a Fortune 50 company without another offer on the table because it didn’t quite feel right (try explaining that to family and friends). I didn’t know why.  Everything on paper looked amazing but my heart said “no”.  Many thought I was crazy but I held true to my heart.  Years later I understood that if I had taken that offer then I wouldn’t have met my amazing husband.

If you can open up, listen and trust that inner voice, it will carry you to places and solutions you never knew existed.”

One of my coaching clients was describing specific ways she wanted to change her approach to a potential client.  She was really excited, scared and a bit nervous but she really felt great about what she put together for her potential client.  They loved it and took the entire presented package at $80,000!  No more “psychopath”.  We have to struggle between the heart speaking and the intellect to make all kinds of choices.  It’s tricky especially when there is financial or emotional pressures!!!

Then somehow by a huge miracle, we choose the scenic path.  We stumble onto our path and it’s like getting in a boat and allowing the current to pull us without “hardship”.  You know what I’m talking about. It’s tangible, we feel this shift and things happen with ease. No worry, no stress, and there is joy!  Things easily click into sync and it feels so right that all the prior struggles to conform to other people’s path just became so worth it and we vow to never doubt again.  Some people call it the flow, harmonic path, in sync, in the zone, one with the universe.  Whatever you want to call it, we all experience it AND yet each path is so completely different.  The question is how do we do it more!!!  How do we find our path and reduce the number of trips to the psychopath?  Here are a few tips that really work.

1.  Slow down and listen to your voice.

In order to connect with your inner self, you must slow down.  It takes time, concentration and focus.

2.  Ask yourself “What do I want?  What is the right action for me?”

When you eliminate the word “should” – what should I do – and insert the word “what is the best thing for me/what do I want to do”, then you get an answer that is based solely on you and not the entire universe that encompasses the “should” word.

3.  Recognize your system of “Yes” and “No”.

When something really feels right, take note of how your body feels.  Where are you getting the “yes” answer from?  Your gut?  Your heart?  Goose bumps?  Everyone has their own system and it’s invaluable to find your own.  It is your natural built in system of making decisions.

4.  Strengthen your system of “Yes” and “No”.

Once you recognize it, use it, practice using it for everything – what your body needs to eat, friends, accepting or declining a job, new client, flights – practice using it.  Build it up so that you can use it as your most accurate tool to making choices in the moment thus building your own path.

5.Stop apologizing or “explaining away” your choices.

Learn how to say CONFIDENTLY “It’s the right thing for me”.  Yep.  See, you can do it!

The great thing about finding your unique path is that when you do, there is an indescribable joy; your heart expands, you are more loving, generous, kind, patient, thoughtful, creative……and when that happens it is a gift for all mankind!!!!

Much love….


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