Angela provides interior designers customized lifelong tools to run the most successful business by matching the strengths of the designer with solutions that produce exactly the results targeted.

Business Services for Interior Designers


After thousands of hours coaching designers on barriers to their success, Angela deeply understands the key issues across all levels of designers, and knows the solutions that work for her clients.  It is that information that becomes the continuing education course.  Learn practical solutions to common problems designers face and earn up to .10 hours of continuing education. (ASID, IIDA, IDCEC, IDA).


Coaching advances interior designers’ most creative ideas and aspirations to live at full creative potential.    Explore multiple pathways to higher profits, efficient delegation, and customization of the interior design process that fits your personality.  Learn practical skills that transform confusion into clarity and ideas into action steps that produce exactly the results targeted.


Part of being a successful designer is translating a clear vision into prioritized goals and action steps to achieve them.  A vision with a detailed plan provides the framework and structure for a team to stay focused in the midst of chaos.  In this 4 hour planning session with Angela, you’ll write your dreams, goals and assign priorities and pathways to achieve them.  This process makes visioning fun and extremely affective!


Whether it’s a large audience at Architectural Digest Home Show in New York City, High Point Market or a small intimate group, Angela zeros in on the heart of relevant issues and offers practical solutions for building a thriving business.  She inspires audiences to action by offering proven approaches to drive better business outcomes.

Our Clients Say it Best!

“I was looking for help to build a new adventure with my interior design business and

I got so much more…”


When I started working with Angela I expected to get practical business advice and step-by-step instructions on how to build and grow my business.   Instead I got so much more.  She has helped me get out of my own way and look at the world from an entirely different perspective.  She listens and advises, helping me find the right path or best decision in my own way.  I often tell people when recommending her that she is like the perfect boss and the best cheerleader anyone could ask for.

Amy Peltier Interior Design                                                                                                    Featured in HGTV                                                                                

“You have been the guiding light in getting this vision to the finish line!”

The more I reflect on the past two years, the more I realize the universe gave me the time and space to create the place of my dreams.   You have truly been the guiding light in getting this vision to the finish line. Thanks, Coach, for the continued wisdom, guidance, and support.   You’re the BEST…truly an ANGEL to me.

Kathleen Hay                                                                                                                        Listed Top 100 Interior Designer in Andrew Martins’ book for 7 years in a row


“You reframe my challenges and present

a genius solution!”

I have a view and an opinion about challenges in my business.  I’m a smart person and a good problem solver but you reframe and show them to me in a different way.  A way that I never ever thought of before.  I will think about something all day long and after talking with you, you will say something genius.  I get stuck in my head.  Your reframing the challenges and unique solutions is the most valuable thing in my business.

Sabra Ballon                                                                                                                  


” My business coach is THE greatest tool in my business.”

An interior designer from my networking group once asked me, “if you had to pick only one, what is the greatest tool for your business?”.  I said, it’s my business coach, Angela Merola.  She helped grow my business with the kind of clients and projects I wanted and helped me launch a 30 year dream collection of rugs, fabric and wall paper.

Lisa Peck                                                                                                            

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