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Play Your Genius Out works alongside you to lift out your inner genius to get your business running smoothly, advance your most creative ideas and live at your full creative potential.  Through connecting with purpose, accessing inner wisdom and nurturing creative expression, we help you make the world a better place.

Interior Designers: Inspiring Continuing Education On Demand

You’ve got .10 credits – 10 hours – of continuing education to complete in 24 months.  Clearly you’d rather be designing for clients than driving to one more event only to watch one more underwhelming PowerPoint presentation.  So how do you get the credits you need, be inspired AND open your calendar to create amazing things for your best clients?  Here are a few ways to do just that….  CONTINUED >>

What some clients have shared…..

Angela Merola

Transformational speaker   

Are you looking for a speaker who inspires your audience to discover solutions in the moment?  
Would you like a speaker who “moves” each person in their own unique way?  CONTINUED>>

Angela Merola

Transformational speaker   

Are you looking to be inspired?  
Are you interested in all aspects of your business (and life) running smoothly?Ready for a breakthrough?  CONTINUED>>

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